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The mods are available under the #Modifications channel on the Discord. For anyone joining the server I'd very much recommend joining the Discord. It's mainly text chat so no voice if you're not comfortable with that either.
I havnt been able to get on at all since the update. Just keeps saying I dont have all the mods, and I cant find it anywhere. Can someone please tell me where it is?
Sorry, I must be stupid, but this new mod. The Server unlocker by foxcat, where on earth do I get it? Ive been all over the worhshop, googled it, spent hours looking for it, and I cant get onthe server without it.
Re-read the rules to make sure that you are using the right password.
Hey, I'm trying to login and I get authentication failed, anything I'm doing wrong?
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Welcome to The Exiled!

NorseKorean a posted Oct 12, 16


The ExiledRP-PVP server is but one of so many other RP servers, but what makes us stand out? Our server is home to an international player base of high-quality, experienced RPers, meaning there's always someone on when you're most active. We have on hand a dedicated team of Administrators, Moderators, and Dungeon Masters to aid you with lore or to fix any problem you have practically 24/7. The Exiled Overhaul is our very own mod, developed by members of our server community to directly change how the game is played along with the addition of our very own items such as Sir Vival's (A moderator on our server.) Exiled Enhanced Tableware (available as a standalone), with the promise of new armors, weapons, furniture, and other decorative pieces. From the very beginning, The ExiledRP-PVP has and will continue to stand out among the rest.

PVP? Permadeath?:

Let me put your fears to rest right away. Does our server encourage PVP? Yes. Is there a permadeath factor? Yes...BUT! Hear me out!

Our server truly is an immersive RP experience. Meaning, PVP must have meaning behind it. Your character has to have the right motivations, the correct persona, and no, a rampaging psycho killer does NOT count. For the life of our server, PVP is a decision one must consider carefully, because we do enforce a permadeath system.

No, permadeath does not mean that you lose your characters to fall death or PvE content, and if you're defeated in PVP, it is up to the victor to decide whether to end your life, to leave you knocked unconscious. However, friendly fire results in instant permadeath, as do dying from player-owned thralls, defenses, siege weapons, and the like.

Speaking of base defenses, we DO NOT allow Offline Raiding. In fact, in order to raid someone's base, the aggressor must contact an admin/moderator/DM to first verify that someone of the target clan is online, and to ensure death by base defenses, along with making sure that noone is glitching/exploiting/cheating to get into someone's base.

RP & Lore Immersion:

We take our RP and lore seriously on the ExiledRP-PVP server. We offer a private database of lore knowledge for any of our members to access via Discord, and have on hand numerous people who are versed enough in the lore to at least direct you to a piece of literature or information that will sate your lore needs.

Our server is 100% In-character, at all times. This means, there is no "Hold on, come back later. We're building our base first, then RP." Nope. You're in-character and RPing from the moment you hit finalize on the character creation screen. There is no excuse.

With this in mind, we adhere to the lore laid out to us by Robert E. Howard and Funcom. All characters must fit within the lore, and cannot be something absurdly rare or special snowflakey.

I Can't Group With My Friends?!:

Our server has a unique rule about grouping. At the start of a fresh cycle (after wipe), a group of no more than 3 collaborators may start together with the intention of creating a new clan. After the first day however, there are no collborations allowed. You must start a new character, naked and alone, and you may NOT return to the clan of your former character for a period of 7 days.

This is designed to break people up, to prevent the formation of cliques, and to get some variation and unique character ideas onto the server. It may sound weird, but hey! It's been working for months now.

The end goal is for the entire server community to be a large group of friends, rather than a large community with a bunch of small, isolated groups of friends.

Unique Server Settings & What The Mod Actually Does:

You don't gain experience through the traditional method on our server. Killing monsters and gathering resources will not get you anything. Rather, the only way to level is to be active in game. Every 10 seconds, you will gain a set number of experience points. Crazy? Right? Fear not, the first 30 levels come very quick, but to get to 50, you'll have to have been online for a little less than 50 hours total.

Why do this craziness?! Why, to prevent people from rushing to powerleveling areas and to mindlessly grind and actively avoid RPing. In this way, RP is encouraged and is in fact, rewarded.

Our unique mod does many things. It of course adds new decorative items, but armors, weapons, and so much more are on the way, but our mod also changes the way the game is played in so many ways.

Stats are important in our modded version of the game, they are no longer trivial, and all stats are now just as important as vitality, grit, and encumberance.

Stone now provides a reasonable amount of iron and coal, vastly increasing the area in which to build. No longer do people have to rush to north to get their hands on iron and coal, which is already so widely available anyways.

Weapons, armor, and clothes cannot be repaired, but have triple the durability. Meaning, they have become trade commodities.

Speaking of trade commodities, the feats have been re-organized into skilled lines. For instance, the Apprentice Stonemason Feat now teaches you ALL Sandstone building pieces and roofs, along with some cosmetic items.

There's just so many things I've changed about the game...It would take so much more space, and this is an advertisement for my server, not my mod.

Random RP Events:

Our team of Dungeon Masters exist to randomly generate and reward players for participating in the many events that can arise. Everything from the rescue of a merchant from the teeth of hungry Darfari to the cataclysmic apocalypse event that occurs before a wipe.

In the past our DMs have created unique dungeons, complete with puzzles, traps, and bosses. Along with things like cryptic puzzles that lead to the location of a guarded treasure.

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