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Welcome to The Exiled!

NorseKorean a posted Oct 12, 16

*Server wiped 3/14!



There are now literally thousands of servers out there, so why choose The ExiledRP-PVP? I offer a unique, highly immersive RP experience that breaks away from the traditional mold of vague story guidelines or set narrative pathways. The RP you find on our server is reactionary and organic.

Our rules may seem strict and a bit odd, even down right ridiculous to you, such as permadeath & a restriction placed upon joining or even playing on our server as a clique-ish group of friends, but these rules so far seem to have worked out quite well. Only a week in and we have over a 100+ active users and are still growing!

Do Note: This is not a server for PVPers, but serious RPers who want consequences and an immersive enviroment, where war and fighting will have costs.

*Permadeath does NOT apply in PVE (Though they still do in corruption zones), death via glitches, bugs, lag, server crashes, etc. Only in PVP and in areas where one gains corruption.

Random RP Events!:

One of our moderators has taken it upon himself to play the role of a DM. He can appear anywhere, anytime! (Voluntarily, he won't just pop up on you if you're busy doing things...intimate.) He's a great storyteller and so far, we've had multiple events every day! Choosing to participate may lead to clues, perhaps it may even be designed to get your character to meet like-minded individuals, or it may lead to great riches and reward!


I know, at the mention of the phrase some of you may have already just said "Nope!" and hit back on your browser, but to those of you willing to hear me out may or may not like what I have to say.

Permadeath exists on our server not to dominate, but to curb ganking and violent behavior. Our community members are top notch, high quality, paragraph-style RPers. We all want the same thing, an immersive experience. Our selection process is very strict and we only accept what we deem to be the best in-game RPers through a sampling of their writing. So, you won't find any trolls or gankers running about.

So, how does permadeath increase immersion in RP? Politics, war, every little conflict, every dangerous encounter suddenly requires one to be more careful. A kingdom declaring war on another kingdom doesn't mean they just lose hold of their territories and resources, but their entire legacy, the lives of their soldiers, friends & family. A past foray into a dungeon becomes a tale of friends long gone, told over an open campfire or a mug of ale. A brazen life of banditry suddenly becomes very dangerous, for is it truly worth not only the risk of your character's life but the vast hoard and the home you hold it in? (That's right, permadeath locks you out of your base!)

"But what about glitches/bugs/lag killing my character?" It's fine! You don't have to re-roll if you die to any of these things! Not even PVE (Though permadeath rules apply if you die in a corruption zone, i.e. dungeons, caves. For epic storytelling.)!

Our rules state, that if you die to a glitch, bug, or server crash, and now even PVE (Limits apply!) you do not have to manually delete your character. However, if one attempts to cheat our system, there will be no mercy, only a ban.

We don't use permadeath to express dominance in PVP, but to add a layer depth not found on most RP servers, one of great reward or dire consequence.

What? I Can't Play With My Friends?!:

That's right. We want to break RP cliques, have people play brand new characters, with new lives, with new friends, and new experiences. Nothing should, nor will be the same.

In only a week's time, a powerful warlord has been toppled-- murdered not by the players but by a horde of spiders. A band of young women from the realms of Nordheim have come together with others to become one of the most powerful factions on the server. To the east, a savage and brutal man-eating woman rules over the corpse of a gutted city. And to the south, a benevolent ruler works to establish a realm of his own by sheltering the newly exiled, the down-trodden.

All of these people, these groups, have cycled through life and clan. While these particular, and several more unmentioned (not for being unworthy!) have succeeded, a number have completely failed and have crumbled, their legacy now a myth or forgotten entirely.

However, we do allow for one to start with ONLY one other with each new character rolled, so if you enjoyed the RP of someone and wished to start a collaborative backstory, i.e. lovers, siblings, etc, than you may do so, but with ONLY one other person. Please see rules on our site for more details.

Adults Only:

The world of Robert E. Howard's Conan is a brutal and savage dark fantasy. Filled with violence, sex, and unspeakable terrors. This is no place for anyone under 18.

We are not an ERP server, but we are accepting of it, and allow it openly without ridicule.

Server Settings & Features In Terms Most Understand:

* A highly active & friendly community from all over the world, 24/7. Our server is located in New York, allowing an adequate connection according to our European players, and our Austrailian also seems to have no complaints. Over 100+ of us!

*A dedicated story-teller DM who provides daily random RP events!

* A community full of experienced RPers that all have managed to write at least a couple of descriptive paragraphs involving characters that fit within the Conan lore.

*No PVE deaths! (Unless in corruption zones.)

* Durability on our server is such that shields do not break after 1-5 hits. You won't have to carry around a stack of hide and iron to fix your things.

* Greatly reduced food & drink requirements, allowing RP to take place before characters have to go scurrying to a source of water or gorging on elephant haunches before their friends.

* Productive long days & terrifying long nights, allowing for lengthy RP during either (Or both!) time periods.

* Discord acting as OOC chat. (Spamming Global is not allowed, for it interrupts local.)

* No voice RP. We are strictly a text-based RP server, though voice chat is allowed for dire situations such as difficult fights and PVP.

* VERY active admin & mods who react quickly to address your concerns. No need for emails, just send me a PM on Discord and I'll be notified on my phone or at my PC.

* We only accept experienced, quality RPers.

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