Welcome to the Exiled!

Arinoth AdminDM posted Jun 17, 17


Welcome to The Exiled! This server has been around since the beginning of the Conan Exiles Early Access, started by NorseKorean and currently owned by Arinoth. While the rules have been expanded upon some, and in a few cases added to, the spirit of the server is very much what it has been from the beginning.

This server's focus is immersive and meaningful RP and as such we have resources available in our server discord that provide information about Conan lore, cultures, technologies and characters to help better set the setting appropriately. We fully encourage people to let their imaginations run within reason in regards to the setting, and the admin are always on hand to help if a player needs some advice.

Our playerbase is located primarily in the North American, and European regions which means our active times of the day are a bit broad, and often the two groups do overlap and rp with each other. Currently, two of the three administrators are located in North America, and the third is located in Europe, so generally there will be a quick response from any admin you need to contact.

Community, Community, Community!

We highly encourage that you get to know the community as a whole, rather than stick with a particular group of friends. To encourage this, we have rules in place that are designed to force you to seek out others in order to RP after your character has died, or in the case of you retiring a character. There is a waiting period before your new character is allowed to rejoin your old clan, and intentionally waiting out that period without at least attempting to mesh and rp with others outside your comfort zone is discouraged.

We are promoting a community here, and to the best of our ability we hope to mitigate the formation of cliques and groups to create a healthier, more companionable atmosphere and to alleviate the stress that happens when PVP occurs. In my experience people react much differently when they are killed by someone they know, than when they are killed by an absolute stranger. It's also designed this way to encourage an atmosphere that is generally friendly enough and open enough to allow newer players an ease of transition into the server community.

With that said, we do allow collaborations at the start of wipes when wipes do occur.


On this server we encourage RP as well as PVP as long as that PVP has occurred naturally through the course of RP. This means that when pvp is initiated, it's expected to be with a reason more solid than 'I made murderer who is going around murdering to sate his murder taste'. That is not a character, that is going to get you kicked. The server is 100% in character, which means that what you do in character, outside of your posts(Emotes, running around, drawing weapons and changing clothes) is all done in character. Be careful pulling out a sword in a tense situation, it may end badly.

Permadeath is incorportated to provide a weight and impact to PVP that actually encourages and promotes RP. Rather than having a server that is filled with seemingly immortal beings who are killed and looted only to rise again, we instead allow the player that landed the killing blow to determine whether or not the death is permanent, just a serious wounding, or possibly something as light as a K.O. Whatever they decide, is the result, and you are expected to RP it accordingly. We understand that character death is almost always unexpected and, without trying to sound dramatic, a bit traumatic. You are allowed to grieve, but bitterness towards the person that has done the killing is not tolerated. The admin team is more than willing to work with you if you truly feel that there was an issue with the death or circumstances, however. The more solid the evidence you have, the better it is that we can do our jobs.

Currently, Permadeath only applies to PVP as well as DM-led events. There are some conditions to this that are explained more thoroughly in the ruleset

Server Settings and Unique Server Mods

TERPO/TERPO: Professions -Server Specific Mods

Our server has a lot about it that is unique. First and foremost the core of our server is the custom mod created by the original owner, NorseKorean and continued on in the spirit of what he had in mind by Tirocupidus, called The Exiled RP Overhaul, or TERPO for short. The core purpose of TERPO is to encourage RP and add value to characters using the ooc game crafting mechanics, but applying them to the IC existence in a way that enhances immersion.

The IC value being added to a character comes from the fact that the mod organizes the 'tech' into professions, and those professions into the appropriate 'tier' of power/strength. This promotes interaction between players, encouraging roleplay because of that interaction, reinforcing the immersion.

TERPO: Professions works essentially as vanilla+. We have grouped the recipes up in a way that increases immersion, and allows you to 'build' your characters skills in a way that feels truer to what it is you wanted them to be.

Our server settings have also made it so that equipment lasts longer, to provide less of a need for mass resource hoarding.

With TERPO, player stats have been altered to be more valuable, to reduce the vanilla concept of One Build Beats All, and provide players with more options on how to build their character to better fit their vision of their character.

Resources have been changed, so that stone gives both iron and coal. This, as well as the passive XP, reduces the tendency of players to rush north, making the desert feel a bit more available for players to live and build without being limited by the mechanics of the game.

More information on it can be found here.

Exiled Enhanced Tableware -Mod

This mod is standalone, developed by the server's very own Sir Vival, is a still-developing mod that adds unique items to the game. Currently, it adds mostly decorative items that assists in the immersive feel of the world, giving it life that the vanilla decorations just doesn't quite accomplish.

More information can be found here.

Experience Gain - Setting

On our server we use the passive XP gain feature. It's currently set high enough that in just a few hours you will have gained enough levels under your belt to traverse the desert of the Exiled Lands. It does not take long to reach level 25-30, but does slow down enough to still give the levels meaning. This is done to eliminate the RP-limiting tendencies of people rushing to the north to powerlevel, avoiding others and weakening rp both without and within clans as people spend hours seeking out levels, rather than intermingling work with RP and developing character concepts and relationships.

This also rewards the actual act of RP, allowing you to still gain levels during particularly good segments of story and character development, bringing an overall better balance to the feel of the game